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How does it work
90% of US e-stores don't ship orders abroad. LiteMF solves the problem.
1. Get a free shipping address in the US
Sign up and get a personal LiteMF address in the US.
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Buy favourite brands at best prices putting your LiteMF# as shipping address when placing an order.
3. Pick a delivery method that works for you
We receive your shipments at our warehouse, consolidate them for free, and select the fastest and cheapest delivery method.
4. And simply receive your orders from abroad
You can get your package in 5-7 days at remarkably low cost!
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Our benefits
Each day we work to improve customer experience and make your life better
Free consolidation and repackaging
You can shop online in different stores and ship all of them to us: we'll consolidate orders, repack them into one, so you save money on parcel volumetric weight.
Low shipping costs
By using our own delivery method you can save 70-90% on shipping
Smart warehouse
Our big automated warehouse allows us to receive, handle and ship your parcels really fast.
No purchase taxes
Our warehouse is located in a tax-exempt State, that allows you to save 7-20% every time you buy anything.
Free photo of incoming parcels
Also, you can use our сontents photos and check-up services to make sure you got the right color and size
Free storage up to 30 days
It's totally enough to get all shipments from e-stores and pack it into one parcel
Наши преимущества
Максимально низкая цена на доставку
Наш собственный метод доставки позволяет сделать стоимость пересылки ваших посылок очень низкой, вы экономите от 70 до 90% на доставке!
Бесплатное объединение и переупаковка посылок
Все покупки, которые вы сделаете в разных магазинах США, мы бесплатно переупакуем в одну коробку и уберем ненужную упаковку, чтобы сэкономить вес, объем и ваши деньги!
0% налог на покупки
Наш склад находится в безналоговом штате, что позволяет вам экономить дополнительно 7-20% на каждой покупке!
Новый современный склад
Наш большой автоматизированный склад позволяет получать, обрабатывать и отправлять посылки как можно быстрее, чтобы не заставлять клиентов ждать
Бесплатное фото входящей посылки
Операторы службы поддержки оперативно ответят на все ваши вопросы по шопингу и доставке!
Защита отправлений
Всего за 2% от цены товаров и стоимости доставки ваша посылка будет защищена от потери и повреждения.
Why LiteMF is the best choice?
LiteMF offers best shipping rates
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LiteMF have Excellent rating on Trustpilot based on 1025 Reviews
André, Brazil
As always, the delivery was fast, all my orders come to me in safe and clear. LiteMF is an excellent mailforwarder for south americans, and they always helping me with all of my questions.
Anton Zheltov, Russia
I used this delivery service about 5 times (shipping from the USA and Germany). Parcels always reached without any problems. The shipping price is pretty good for my wallet! =) There was a problem with one of the parcel (for my fault), but the support team solved it pretty quickly, trying to find the best solution for me. Thanks for work!
Igor, Russia
Last time I usually use LiteMF for my orders from USA.
They have very democratic prices without any additional fees.
It takes near one week from USA to Moscow. Very good speed.
Thanks a lot to LiteMF!
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